Esthetician Nidah Barber, Founder of The Peel Connection has worked within the corrective skincare industry for 15 years. Her extensive corrective skincare education stemmed from her desire to help others find solutions to self esteem-challenging conditions like hyperpigmentation, acne and wrinkles. Her approach to skincare is more gentle yet effective chemical peels over time versus fewer aggressive peels.

Nidah has created The Peel Connection to be able to offer gentle results-driven treatments without the downtime associated with chemical peels of the past. The GlowPeel (for dull complexions), ClearPeel (for acneic skin) PlumpPeel (for mature, aging skin). Are all made with the highest quality of actives and acids and little to no preservatives.

Nidah is a Massachusetts native and a graduate of Emerson College. When she isn't working on her clients and researching ways to improve their experience and results she spends time with her family, cooking, meditating and making floral arrangements.